My research corresponds to my experiences of weaving with plant dyeing by authentic way and pottery... in connection with the forces of nature.

Although these are not used in the work, these experiences have shaped my artistic process, and clarified my ideas. Elements such as water, air, light... my work can not be defined without interactivity with these elements. Each feature has its existence, its nature. Also like papers, inks that are made with different chemical compositions, and their reactions magical encounters emerge. This magic complete my work.

Repetition and Difference, Border in space and in time, Origine of thing, these are my research subjects, or rather my questions from my childhood "What is there beyond the sky", "When do I become an adult? ".

The engine of creativity is a surprise in front of something. Question from this astonishment opens a door to new worlds. I want to meet with moments of wonder that touch the bottom of my heart. And through my work, I would like to represent this impression and phenomenons which are imperceptible, elusive.

«Incidents», show me  "Fragment of time" since the birth of the universe.

I contemplate the plurality of existence.